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Fruit Frenzy is a unique puzzle game for your iOS or Android phone or tablet that'll give you endless hours of fun!

Slide the rows and columns of the board to match up groups of fruit on the middle row. Line up the combos for a high score, but be careful - once the rows start to fill up, you'll need all your wits about you to get them unclogged!

Arcade and Time Attack Modes

    In Arcade Mode, match the fruits together as fast as you can. How long can you last? In Time Attack mode, race against the clock to see how many points you can score in three minutes!
Puzzle Mode
    Solve 20 brain-bending puzzles with as much time as you like!
Stunning graphics
    Stylish graphics and silky-smooth animation with Retina mode for iPhone 4, and HD graphics for iPad!
Full musical soundtrack
    You'll be humming the tunes all day! You can also listen to your own music while you play.
On-line leaderboards and achievements
    Compare your scores with other players nearby and worldwide!
Suitable for the whole family
    Starting off at an easy pace that anybody can keep up with, the game builds to a super-human level of difficulty! Something for both causal gamers and more hardcore players.

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